AHA Hockey

Playoff Schedule

Below is the brackets and schedule for the 2017 Summer Playoffs. Please note: this page is to be used as a reference to see the seedings for teams. Please visit the actual Playoff Schedule Page for game results. (Games will be posted there soon.)

Playoff Brackets:

LEVEL 1     LEVEL 2     LEVEL 3     LEVEL 4     LEVEL 5     LEVEL 6

Playoff Schedule:

Date Time Rink Level Home (Seed) Away (Seed)
Tue Aug 157:15PMRichfield 258 Bloodhounds9 Whippets
Wed Aug 166:15PMSLP E33 Chow Chows6 Eskimos
Wed Aug 168:00PMSLP E34 Dalmations5 Bichons
Wed Aug 169:45PMSLP E44 Brittanies5 Labradors
Wed Aug 166:15PMSLP W22 Akitas7 Rottweilers
Wed Aug 168:00PMSLP W21 Huskies8 Dobermans
Wed Aug 169:45PMSLP W24 Mastiffs5 Boxers
Wed Aug 169:15PMRichfield 223 St Bernards6  Great Danes
Wed Aug 169:30PMBreck67 ChihuahuasBeg 2 Kraken
Thu Aug 179:00PMBreck62 YorkiesBeg 1 Grey Ducks
Thu Aug 177:30PMHighland N51 Beagles9 Whippets
Thu Aug 177:00PMRichfield 152 Bassets7 Foxhounds
Thu Aug 177:00PMRichfield 253 Wolfhounds6 Basenjies
Thu Aug 178:45PMRichfield 254 Greyhounds5 Dachshunds
Sun Aug 206:00PMRichfield 163 Malteses6 Pugs
Sun Aug 207:45PMRichfield 161 Poodles7/Beg 2
Sun Aug 209:30PMRichfield 164 Pomeranians5 Shih Tzus
Sun Aug 204:30PMSLP E32 Bostons3/6
Sun Aug 206:15PMSLP E31 Lhasa Apsos4/5
Sun Aug 208:00PMSLP E13 Rats6 Schnauzers
Sun Aug 209:45PMSLP E14 Scotties5 Westies
Mon Aug 217:45PMBreck41 Pointers4/5
Mon Aug 219:30PMBreck42 Spaniels3 Goldens
Mon Aug 217:30PMRichfield 121/84/5
Mon Aug 219:15PMRichfield 122/73/6
Tue Aug 227:00PMRichfield 161/Beg 2/74/5
Wed Aug 237:00PMBreckBeginnerChampionship
Wed Aug 236:15PMSLP E12 Welshies3/6
Wed Aug 238:00PMSLP E11 Irish4/5
Wed Aug 239:45PMSLP E52/73/6
Wed Aug 236:15PMSLP W51/8/94/5
Wed Aug 238:00PMSLP W3Championship
Wed Aug 239:45PMSLP W4Championship
Thu Aug 249:10PMWoog 262/Beg 13/6
Sun Aug 274:30PMSLP E1Championship
Sun Aug 276:15PMSLP E2Championship
Sun Aug 278:00PMSLP E5Championship
Sun Aug 279:45PMSLP E6Championship